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Star Chikwudi
Jesmion samson chikwudi (jsc) priest-jsc God's sent messenger!

Group Founder: chikwudi
Description: Jesmion samson chikwudi (jsc) priestjsc God's sent messenger for you! 'chikwudi in its meaning is: 'God exist' what a precious name is Chikwudi! Chikwudi a name given to me by my parent 'ibekwe' when i was seven days old and on the eight-days i was circumcised according to Biafran custom, and was growing in the fear of God untill at the age of 30 when i fully working for God or rather God working by me, 'am jsc'
Group Type: Public join
Members: 5
Category: Technology, Internet & Wireless > Multimedia

Topics (1)

go Jsc [100] chikwudi
Jesmion samson chikwudi (jsc) the 'jehovah-jireh' 27/03/2010 'what have you done to deserves God's promotions as priest-jsc was promoted to Jehovah-jireh? Do you offend people or Do people offend yo...